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Fear among buyers and sellers feeds a brisk luxury rental market

By Mark Samuelson

Fuller Sotheby’s agent Lori Corken took a call Wednesday that was typical of what she deals with this year, with luxury-end properties: A doctor from Florida was eyeing Denver and was thinking of buying a couple of practices here – but was not ready to commit to buying a home. I would rather, he told Corken, rent for a few years.

Fuller Sotheby’s International Realtor Lori Corken shows a home in Lone Tree that’s available for purchase…or lease.

Denver’s residential market, absorbing lots of move-ins from out of state now including well-paid oil and gas execs, is running faster this year in lower price ranges. But it’s still fraught with high-end homes in desirable suburban areas that sit months on the market, even though prices are well below what they would have commanded a few years ago – in some cases, half as much.

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