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Dozen trends to watch, as the 12 days of Christmas disappear into a new year

After the 12 days of Christmas disappear into 2012, the one thing that everybody in real estate will agree on is that they’d rather face the future here in the Mile-High than in practically any other market. But in a new year racked by uncertainty, here are a dozen issues that will shape whether coming months have more cold in the forecast, or whether we’ll finally see some promises fulfilled:

Golden Zucker inside col A Sun 11-27-11
Homeowner Lori Gregory (left) and her Realtor Debbie Zucker show off her remodeled home near Golden’s newly popular downtown.

- Niobrara is the oil-gas formation that wraps Colorado along the Wyoming/Nebraska borders, including newer surveys east of Denver. The difference in unemployment between North Dakota (3%) and Colorado (8%) hinges in part on how those prospects pan out, not just geologically, but politically. Shale oil recovery requires lots of water and chemicals to ‘frack’ deep layers, already drawing environmental ire; but the economic impacts are potentially huge. more »