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Grand opening for PURE in Stapleton; a purer approach to design integrity, plus more space for kids indoors and out

In neighborhoods all over Denver – Wash Park, Montclair, Highlands – the same phenomenon happens month after month: Young families outgrow their small houses built in the 1920s, the 1950s and ’60s, and head for Stapleton, where they can have Denver’s urban feel they’ve come to love, along with space they just can’t get in those older areas.

PURE Stapleton Sunday cover 7-24-11 Infinity sales reps Jason Cummings (left) and Jesus Orozco, Jr., join project manager Tyler Steinke at the grand opening of PURE, a series of larger homes and sites at Stapleton.

Builder Dave Steinke, who’s been in Stapleton almost from the day it opened, has watched those buyers and has a new series that’s a perfect match for what he says they’re after – homes you can tour at a grand opening for Infinity Home Collection’s new PURE. more »

Ryland eyes a Denver-Boulder market comeback with new, sustainable homes

Where’s Ryland Homes?
Five years ago, Ryland was one of a dozen builders that were dominant in Colorado homebuilding…just as the market headed into a cataclysm that would reduce output to a trickle from previous years. During 2009 and 2010 some of those builder names totally disappeared, never to be seen again. But Ryland wasn’t on that list….

Ryland Steel Ranch Sun cover 7-10-11Ryland Homes’ Ruth Rowley and Damian Story at Steel Ranch in Louisville, Colo.

“Coming into that market, we stopped buying ground,” recalls Colorado Division president Dan Nickless. “We were conservative, we never gave anything back to the bank and we made sure our homebuyers weren’t left high and dry. Now that’s put us in a position with no outside bank debt, ready to what we’re doing now.” more »