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Back to the future in a Dome-Sweet-Dome beside Golden’s North Table Mountain

Renaissance man Ron Kessinger has built race cars, airplanes, theme park rides (for Walt Disney Imagineering), casino fountains in Las Vegas, and a lethal ping pong ball gun…but only one house; and it looks as if it landed here from another planet.

Kessinger house Inside col Sun 4-24-11Current owner Jan Oxman and Jim Smith of Golden Real Estate show the Kessinger House, beside North Table Mountain.

“It’s like two Easter eggs,” says Golden Realtor Jim Smith, who has double-domed 17830 W. 53rd Drive and its 3.75-acre site near North Table Mountain, on the market at $550,000. Kessinger’s creation by architect Stan Nord Connolly has two polyurethane orbs melted over paraboloid porticos…circled by portholes that give the kitchen the semblance of standing at the bridge on Starship Enterprise. more »