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Block from Boulder’s Pearl Street, lavish condo has sold over half of its 22 homes

Whoever penned the line that “Boulder is 25 square miles surrounded by reality,” couldn’t have been more right about this year: While luxury properties stagger in Denver, some way off their price mark, you can tour a new condo on Canyon Boulevard today, two blocks from Pearl Street, that’s already contracted over half its 22 new homes since grand-opening last year – all full price, one at $2.475 million.

Arete Friday cover 3-11-11Developer Stephen Tebo shows off The Arête’s eye-catching profile, just off Pearl Street.

“There’s a short window to buy one of these,” says The Arête’s Rick Rippberger, who closed his first home last August and expects to sell out this year. He’ll show you reasons for that success – starting with The Arête’s location, off the primo block of the mall, and nestled between views of the Chautauqua Park and the Flatirons on one side, and of downtown crested by Mount Sanitas on the other. more »

Fitting in at Highland Square, re-creation of a Craftsman bungalow has charm, size

Highlands Realtor Jenny Apel of Nostalgic Homes has the perfect solution for the couple with kids who are squeezing into a 900-foot bungalow, but who like living close to Highland Square. It’s a near-new bungalow, vintage Craftsman styling, that fits right into the Highland neighborhood, and has all of the goodies you’d get from a bigger home in Stapleton or Observatory Park.

Jenny Apel HighlandsJenny Apel shows a home two blocks from Highland Square’s restaurants.

Right up the block from Nostalgic’s Highland Square office, 3310 Newton is Craftsman through and through – quarter-sawn oak trim, pocket-doors, a terrific gas fireplace in an oak mantel with antique tile inset, and street architecture that blends seamlessly into surrounding bungalows (builder Chris Haugen sunk the home a half-level below grade to keep its 2-story profile in line with single-stories). more »