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Newer home a block from Highlands Square cafe scene has 3-bedroom-up sizing

Like all neighborhoods now, home prices in Denver’s West Highlands are off their peak from two ago years …but the café scene on Highlands Square, 32nd and Lowell, looks every bit like a boom year. Highlands specialist Deviree Vallejo has a premium tri-plex home listing that’s at off-peak pricing, just a block from Duo, Z-Cuisine, and two more dining spots from the list of best 25 restaurants in the Denver-Boulder area.
Deviree 010 (1)Deviree Vallejo shows a newer home in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, a block from the restaurant scene at Highlands Square.

“We used to live downtown,” says Vallejo, with Kentwood City Properties, listing 3060 Newton Street. “Now we’re just a few blocks away at 30th and Stuart. We’ll say, ‘Let’s go down to Venue and get a bite,’ and you’ll end up seeing ten people you know walking by.” more »