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Watermark offers its next seven buyers a chance to ‘Get Smart’ in downtown

By Mark Samuelson

Half of the work of creating a sustainable lifestyle is in picking a location that doesn’t require lots of gas guzzling…and internationally acclaimed architect Curt Fentress has done just that with his Watermark Luxury Residences…three minutes from downtown’s sports and entertainment attractions…walking distance from a lot of new clubs and dining spots along ‘SoBo’…South Broadway.

Watermark Smart Car Offer
Watermark’s sales team members Marina Gorbounov and Ryan Belinak show off Daimler-Benz’ SmartCar…being offered free with the next seven Watermark purchases.

If you’re one of the next seven buyers at Watermark, you can double your mileage zipping around downtown in a SmartCar…free with each purchase. Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) brought them to the U.S. only last year; but they’ve been in Europe ten years now…fuel efficient, and so compact that Italian drivers park them in their car-jammed streets front-end first. At Watermark today you can get a close look at a Smart ‘Passion’ convertible; then venture up to the 7th floor ‘Sky Garden’ with $2 million double-edged infinity pool, and a view over historic Baker neighborhood to the mountains. more »

In downtown’s theater district, tower with sustainable features is $35,000-off

By Mark Samuelson

At a time when the country is focused on value as well as sustainability, you can’t find a “greener” way to live than what’s being offered at SPIRE in downtown Denver’s theater district…or a better time to come see it than now, when SPIRE offers a $35,000 incentive that makes its creative lifestyle even more attainable.

SPIRE’s models show vivid representations of the views actual homes will have…nearing completion across 14th Street from SPIRE’s Experience Center beside the Colorado Convention Center.

SPIRE…in between the bright lights at Denver Center for the Performing Arts and the Convention Center…is not only one of the most sustainable residential projects in Denver, but anywhere in the nation: committed to providing 100% of its electric demand over the next two years from a mix of wind energy (obtained by purchasing 9.8 million kilowatt hours of credits) as well as high performance features (a registered LEDE® project on track for certification). more »

Work begins on a solar replacement for Llama Lady’s home north of Boulder

By Mark Samuelson

BOULDER. Work began last week on a solar-powered replacement for the home of 78-year-old Bobra Goldsmith, known as “llama lady,” who lost her house Jan. 7 to a 3,000-acre range fire that tore through the Boulder County ranch where she raises llamas and alpacas.

Llama Lady
Gathering at Bobra Goldsmith’s home site: Brett Steury and Mary Coonce of Porchfront Homes, Goldsmith, and Matt Grandsaert and Tim Webb from Integral Engineering. Goldsmith’s llamas won grand awards at the 2009 National Western Stock Show.

“This is going to be very energy efficient, getting a high percentage of its operating power from solar and super energy-efficient construction,” said Mary Coonce, who together with husband Tim Coonce are principals in Boulder-based Porchfront Homes. “We expect to complete construction in late fall.” more »