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At Cherry Creek State Park, $250,000 buys big townhome, basement, garage

By Mark Samuelson

When Colonnade Communities opened its townhomes across a footbridge from Pioneer Hills Shopping Center, it had Cherry Creek State Park a block away; nice amenities; and some ranch plans that more affluent buyers prefer. Colonnade roared through the ranches…but that left some roomy 2-stories, at prices that must look terrific to a younger buyer who can’t afford downtown or Cherry Creek.
Bob Buford at Pioneer Hills
Bob Buford, sales agent at Pioneer Hills Townhomes by Colonnade Communities

Come visit Bob Buford at Pioneer Hills Townhomes and he’ll show you homes that have to seem dreamlike to somebody who’s been trapped in apartment-land. They’re sized from just under 1,500 to 2,000 feet; and have the full basements and 2-car garages (attached!) you never find on reasonably priced townhomes. Every one has been marked down at least 15%…some even more. more »