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Converting 14 miles of river wasteland to a ‘wilderness in the city’

By Mark Samuelson
Fifteen years ago, everybody leaving town on Christmas Eve was crowding into old Stapleton International Airport, five miles from downtown Denver. Weather was frightfully cold…and as the Boeings went into their takeoff roll up two north runways, they crossed a ditch, its frozen waters lined with old tires and industrial refuse.

It was an unlikely setting for what developers like to call a “recreational amenity,” but that’s exactly what Sand Creek Regional Greenway has become–a 14-mile stretch of wilderness in the city, passing directly through the popular new community of Stapleton.

Volunteers on Sand Creek Regional Greenway
Volunteers from UPS pitch in last summer to pull invasive thistle and tamarisk from the route of the Sand Creek Regional Greenway through Commerce City.
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