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With solar electric, builder reaches ‘near zero’ energy at Stapleton

By Mark Samuelson
Has solar energy reached the point that solar homes are actually selling? The answer’s yes–and builder John Keith can show you why, in a soon-to-be-finished home near Stapleton’s Central Park, that uses practically no energy at all.

John Keith, Harvard Communities
John Keith of Harvard Communities in front of his model in Stapleton, close to his newest home expected to use practically no energy at all.

Nobody would imagine 2008 to be better for builders than last year, but Harvard Community’s Architect Collection increased its sales over 2007 as Keith added even more attention to his environmental package. That push reaches a climax this month as Harvard nears completion of its latest Near-Zero-Energy Home, with a solar component so great that its carbon footprint will be around 50,000 pounds less-per-year than an average new home. more »