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Taking a new look across Denver from RidgeGate’s ‘new urban’ vantage point

By Mark Samuelson
Most of the 300 families who’ve bought homes at RidgeGate in Lone Tree over the past three years have come from Denver’s southeast corridor…but among the remainder are some arriving from California, who instantly recognize what the developer is creating here: a community with a suburban address, but with a new urban feel.

Darryl Jones
Darryl M. Jones, Development Manager for RidgeGate, takes in view toward DTC from a trail up bluffs above Sky Ridge Medical Center. Luxury homes in foreground are sold out.

“We’re calling it ‘Urban Scape,’” says Coventry Development Corporation Vice President Keith Simon, who has a view across the changing landscape from his office near Sky Ridge Medical Center.

One buyer from the Bay Area started exploring their move to the Mile High by Googling “new urbanism Denver.” That turned up web sites of the two, big Denver city redevelopment projects…and RidgeGate’s. The family visited all three…and were probably impressed by the master plan taking shape here. But the clincher, says Simon, may well have been the pretty terrain around Lone Tree. more »