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National ranking shows Denver area homes a better investment

National ranking shows Denver homes a better investment

A “new urban” concept in popular Washington Park offers homes created in a block-wide site recovered from a former Denver elementary school. Lofts are being offered in the restored school building, all walking distance from shops and dining.

By Jill Croteau
Managing Broker
Coldwell Banker Devonshire

Commenting on the foreclosure crisis last month, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan was quoted as saying, “The financial erosion will come to an end when the prices of homes and equity in homes stabilize.”

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Fitting right in with a Wash Park lifestyle…

Fitting right in with a Wash Park lifestyle

Community representatives Karen Havelka (left) and Laura Padgett show off blend of historic architecture that pleases neighbors in Wash Park.

By Mark Samuelson
Denver Post Real Estate
Sunday, Jan. 20, 2008

Washington Park has everything you could wish for in a new urban lifestyle: Walk a couple of blocks this way to the cafe life on Old South Gaylord, or a couple that way to 16-acre Grasmere Lake, where even on a cold Sunday there’ll be a crowd of joggers, bikers and walkers out, plus kids and golden retrievers.

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Shut the solar blinds, please, HAL…

Shut the solar blinds, please, HAL

Engineer John Avenson shows off his highly modified solar home in Westminster , which he heats and cools for a tiny fraction of even the newest homes.

By Mark Samuelson
Denver Post Real Estate

Westminster communications engineer John Avenson looks so much like Tom Hanks that during assignments in Asia , people would routinely stop him in airports asking for autographs. His house, open 10-4 today, is a dead-ringer, too…for one built in 1980 under the auspices of the Solar Energy Research Institute. But Avenson has done things with this house that SERI engineers could scarcely have imagined then.

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